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CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support: Everything You Need to Know

At Enrolla, we believe in the power of education and its supporters. The CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support offers a path for those eager to assist in learning. It's a nationally recognised qualification. It lets you become a Teachers' Aide or Support Worker, touching lives in classrooms across Australia.

This certification covers all you need to know about aiding in classrooms, within the community services field. It meets standards set by the Australian classification systems. This marks it as top-notch in 'Other Education’ field, focusing on our future generations.

We aim to help you move into a rewarding Education Support career. With Enrolla, finding and pursuing this certification becomes easy and aligned with your ambitions. This helps you step confidently into a role that's both fulfilling and vital to our society.

CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support

Key Takeaways

  • The CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support opens doors to becoming a Teachers' Aide or Support Worker.
  • This qualification is known nationwide. It celebrates diversity and inclusion in education.
  • Enrolla makes it easier to find and apply for Education Support Studies. It saves you time and effort.
  • With custom advice and smart matching tech, your educational journey fits you perfectly.
  • Start a meaningful career that supports Australia's education system and its students.

Understanding the CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support

The Study Education Support pathway is key to better learning. The CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support gives a vital Education Support Qualification. It's known across the country. This course makes people better at helping teachers and supporting students' growth.

The Education Support Program has skills for different learning settings. It shows how support workers help in education. They make a big difference in students' lives and in the community.

CHC30213 Certificate

By doing the CHC30213 Certificate III, you start a career in education support. You take big steps towards being a skilled support worker.

Getting an Education Support Qualification has many perks:

  • It builds skills to help teachers in class.
  • It lets you directly support students' needs.
  • You'll match Australian standards for Teachers' Aides.
  • You'll be ready for various learning settings, making teaching better.

Enrolla helps those looking for Education Support Program choices. It offers advice and picks the best courses in Australia. A short quiz and smart tech help students find the right education. This way, they make good choices for their future studies.



Nationally Recognised Qualification

It makes you more employable and credible.

Tailored Coursework

It focuses on skills for helping in education.

Practical Application

You get to practise in real classes, which helps you learn better.

Career Alignment

It prepares you for jobs in education support.

Let's explore the CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support. It helps people become key supporters in education.

The CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support Course Structure and Units

Starting the Education Support Certification journey is a big step. We're here to help you understand the CHC30213 Course's structure. It’s built to boost your knowledge and skills in helping teachers in lively classrooms.

Core Units and Elective Options

The CHC30213 Certificate has 12 main units that shape you into a great Education Support worker. These units teach you about laws, student safety, and improving reading and math skills. You can also pick 5 electives to learn more about managing behaviour or helping students with disabilities.

Practical Placement Requirements

Getting 100 hours of real experience in a school is a must for this course. This helps you see what being an Education Support worker is like. You'll feel ready and excited to help students learn.

Using Technology for Study: Platform and Resources

The course uses modern tools to make learning flexible. This makes learning to support education easier than ever.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfers

We value your past experiences and studies in the CHC30213 Certificate. You might get to skip some parts if you've already learned them. This makes your learning journey faster and more personal.

Support Throughout Your Education Journey with Enrolla

Enrolla backs your dreams with tailored help during your course. Expert advice from top Aussie educators ensures you pick the right course for you. With us, you’ll make smart choices in your learning path.

Education Support Training


Starting the CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support is a big, exciting step. It leads to a rewarding career. This certificate gives you hands-on experience and a strong understanding. Enrolla is all about quality training, leading our students to become great education support workers. These workers play a big role in helping students learn.

This Certificate is not just for future Teachers' Aides. It uses top technology to make learning better. With Enrolla's help and full support, students feel sure of themselves. They can build their education path using their skills and past experiences. This makes their journey smoother and faster in becoming education support experts.

Choosing the right training can be tricky, but we make it simpler. Enrolla is proud to help students reach their career dreams. We use smart technology and give expert advice to do this. Our goal is to improve community services and education in Australia. We want our students to really make a difference where it's needed most.


What is the CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support?

The CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support is a course for those wanting to work as Teachers' Aides or Education Support Workers in schools. It teaches the needed skills to help teachers and students.

Why should I study for an Education Support Qualification?

Getting an Education Support Qualification gives you special knowledge and skills. These are needed to help students learn and grow. It also leads to a fulfilling career in education and lets you make a positive impact on kids.

What will I learn in the CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support Course?

In the course, you will complete 12 core units and 5 electives. These cover important topics like child health, supporting learning, managing behaviour, and helping students with different needs. You'll learn how to work well in an educational team.

Are there any practical placement requirements for this Education Support Program?

Yes, to finish the CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support, you must do at least 100 hours of practical work in a school. This real-world experience is very beneficial for your growth.

How does technology enhance my Study in Education Support?

Today's education support courses use online tools and resources. These help you learn flexibly, talk to educators, access study materials, and handle your work from any place.

Can I get credit through Recognition of Prior Learning for my Education Support Studies?

Yes, you might get credits through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or credit transfers if you have related education or work experience. This can help you finish your course faster.

How will Enrolla support my journey in obtaining Education Support Certification?

Enrolla offers personalised help and free advice for finding the right Education Support Course. They use smart tech to give customised suggestions and assist you at every step. This ensures you make well-informed choices about your education path.

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