About us

Why Enrola?

In the vast and often overwhelming landscape of tertiary education in Australia, finding the right course can be like finding a needle in a haystack. This is where Enrola comes in, steering prospective students towards educational paths that truly suit their needs and aspirations.

Born out of the recognised need for a guiding hand in the educational journey, Enrola leverages a deep understanding of the educational sector and comparison platforms to offer personalised course recommendations based on a rich database of quality indicators and proprietary data.

Whether you're a student seeking the best course for your future or an educational provider aiming to reach dedicated students, Enrola is your trusted companion, bridging gaps and building futures. Join us on a journey to more confident and informed educational choices.

Our Team

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Jo Thomas
Founder & CEO
Passionate about the transformative power of education, Jo leads all of the customer functions
Yvette Quinby
Founder & CTO
Software engineering extraordinaire. In charge of Enrola's tech.